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Kenzo (stylized as KENZO) is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada and owned by the parent company LVMH.

An angry customer wrote this on Worth Penny in April 2020:

" operates like scammers. I still don't know if I have been scammed? They sent the wrong pair of shoes. You can't contact them through the phone, or through the mail, as the contact form requests an order number, which I provide, but the page keeps notifying me it is a wrong format (it is not...). I have filed for a return, and the return slip only states that the package weighs 0.1 kg, shoes weigh a lot more than that, so I still don't know if DHL will accept this. And will I get a refund, I doubt. I am considering filing a complaint with European Consumer Centres Network, and hope that more of their customers who have had similar complaints would."


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Ang Lam says

"Package was shown delivered on 11/20 but never arrived. There was no driver stopping by my house and usually my dogs would alert me. Kenzo never send any email regarding the package is shipped or email to notified me the package was delivered. I have to login to the website account to find out that my package was delivered and is missing. Kenzo no longer offer phone service so I sent them an email and it took them over 48 hours to respond stating they will conduct an investigation and refund if the package is lost BUT I DO NOT WANT A REFUND, I WANT THE SWEATSHIRT I ORDERED. Because of their slow service, I turn to my credit card for dispute. The next email I've got from them was to tell me to remove the dispute so they can refund me with no apology. My first time ordering and very disappointing experience. I would never order again from Kenzo."

Dayna says

"I ordered an item & I misspelled my address. They continued to email me saying to verify my address, but in the email it never shows how to. I go to the website and the website states once you place the order its nothing to do about an error with address, but they still took my money. Theres no customer service number, just emails. So unfortunate & unorganized."

Kenyetta Miller says

"Horrible service I will not be shopping with anymore 1st and last time."

Vikram Guhilot says

"How do you change your product price in a matter of a month, absolutely stupid, 30% off in July to 50% off in August for the same junk, I thought the product would be made in Japan or France but you know where it was made, why should we pay those prices when they cannot even sustain a price point in the market. I am never going to give my business to kenzo. Burberry is way better, trendy and customer service is top notch, I don't know why I shopped at kenzo"

Omar Tinsley says

"I have placed an order with Kenzo online and tried to cancel it immediately due to the wrong shoe size, I have been calling them non stop since July 31st with no response. I have also been emailing them and the response I have from customer service are extremely unhelpful and they cannot provide me any return details. Since they have taken so long to tell me that I need to follow their returns and refund policy the shoes I now want are out of stock. Where it gets worse is I have been emailing (as they do not answer the phone) because their website is not working at the moment and will not provide me with a returns label. I have spent £130 on a pair of shoes that they will not provide me a returns address nor come back to me so I am now stuck with something that I cannot use or return. I think this is absolutely disgraceful for a company of this size to treat their customers with disrespect and I would not advise anyone to purchase from their online store. The only response they give you is a link to their website which doesn't even work. I have never dealt with such a frustrating company that has just taken my money and wiped their hands with my order. G3134168."

Stella Enachi says

"The clothes are OK, but the customer service and "return" policy is outrageous. I will never buy from the website again."

Fiona says

"I visited the store in Paseo di Gracia Barcelona in a lovely sunny morning, I had a very poor experience when the man that was working in the store approached me with such a rude attitude. Apparently the manager of the store. A lot of attitude, not listening to me, wearing ridiculous sandals to work for such a glamour brand. I am disgusted by the way Kenzo select employees. If you visit the store stay away from the short man with grey hairs."

qian bai says

"HIGH-RISK MERCHANT!! I saw the link in the ins and then I bought 3 T-shirt from the website. Like the numerous negative online reviews regarding this vendor, I was victim to KENZO's ongoing pattern of substandard customer service, failure to render a refund now. I tried to contact the merchant and they said refund 30%,40%,50%, they hoped me to keep these 3 items. But I showed my decision at first(must be sent 3 items back). Because I feel the items look like fake items. And, I also cannot accept the quality problem with one of them. I can pay the international shipping fee. I just want to get my payment back as soon as possible. I don’t want to waste more time on this issue. they gave me a return address(but no return label and the phone number is invalid). Today morning, they told me if I keep these 3 T-shirts and I can get a refund of 70% payment at the same time. They also said they will out of the office for 3 days. I will wait for the last 3days. And then if this matter does not resolve, I will as a victim to Kenzo’s to have a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission to procuring a refund."

AdSH says

"Customer Service below any acceptable level. The Tiger watch I bought in June 2020 on website was sent to me with warranty with hand-signature dated November 2017 (in one of the shops in London). That being said I am suspecting I received a 3 year old item that some customer had returned as faulty (bracelet not opening). I emailed Kenzo customer service explaining the situation, stating I would be still interested in buying the watch as long as its brand new, and asked for their general policy on reselling returned items. - All they did was to issue return label. No apologies, No explanation. Since they have not replied to my comments, I did open another case with them. - No answer whatsoever. I also tried replying to number of people with email addresses that were included on cc on the email with return label. - No answer. Finally after another email reminder I got (what they believe to be) a reply: “We have informed the warehouse to be vigilant. The guarantee begins at the date of your invoice.” Its really hard to believe such a brand operates in such disrespectful and careless manner."

SS says

"HIGH RISK MERCHANT!! Like the numerous negative online reviews regarding this vendor, I too was victim to KENZO's ongoing pattern of substandard customer service, failure to render a refund, non-responsiveness to my efforts to communicate with their customer service staff via email and phone, and lack of accountability for their unprofessional, unacceptable, and potentially unlawful business practices. Customers that are victim to Kenzo's egregious actions can file a complaint with with the Federal Trade Commission and/or a dispute with their credit card company for assistance with procuring a refund. Fortunately, my credit card company issued a refund to my account. CONSUMERS BEWARE!!"

Tri says

"Fast shipping and the product was well packaged; big box and inside protected good. I started to see after a few weeks of wear the minute details on the in and out of the shoe beginning to fault. All of these can be noticed only when closely inspecting; the quality is good but not luxury." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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